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Come join our 3 day workshop, hosted by SMG Chicago’s Mia Gray and Sultan Ghahtani. In this interactive workshop we will visit and shoot in exciting Las Vegas extended area locations. This workshop is for Photographers and Models alike, where each participant will get to work one-on-one in a sexy setting in Las Vegas, such as the abandoned Ghost Town, and empty Lake Beds, the Strip, etc. As with all our unique SMG Chicago Workshops, people will not only leave with amazing images, but Photographers will get to learn new techniques with tutoring of the industry leading CaptureOne Software, play with the latest gear sponsored from our partner – Mega Pixels Digital – from PhaseOne, Broncolor, Profoto, Chimera, Hensel – Models will be styled in amazing and unique styles. We have also added a co-Tutor in Gary Miller who has been published in numerous publications such as Maxim and Playboy – a great opportunity for our models.

Amazing News…. Photographers, we will have the new PhaseOne XF100 for you to play with. Yes, that’s over $50,000 in gear available to demo. And we will have a free Software training on the worlds leading Raw Converter – Capture One. If you don’t have lights, we will also have lights from Profoto, Broncolor and Proilite to play with.

The XF Camera System is built using full-frame Medium Format sensors 2.5 times larger than the ones found in high-end DSLRs. Sensors this large deliver a powerful combination of the highest possible resolution together with large, high dynamic range pixels and exceptional wide angular response. The XF Camera System is quite literally the best of all worlds when it comes to digital image quality. 100MegaPixels, 16 Bit, 15 Stop Dynamic Range.


As with all our prior workshops, you will walk away with amazing and unique images, memories and contacts that will last a life time. Unlike many other workshops, our SMG Workshops are always the perfect balance of education, networking, collaboration, and building connections. The photographers will also get to play with some unique lights and setup that will take them out of their routine and comfort zone.


  • -Camera
  • -Lenses (a variety of wide angle, mid range, and zoom)
  • -Tripod (if you have one)
  • -Reflectors
  • HoodLoupe (optional)
  • -Memory Cards
  • -Lights w/Triggers
    • *if you’re looking to buy any high end lights, please let Sultan know, as he usually has discounts that he can pass along
  • -Bikini/Leotards
  • -Dresses
  • -Accessories
  • -Lingerie
  • -Hats & Shoes


  • -As Close to a 1:1 model to photographer ratio as possible
  • -Professional hair & makeup for the models
  • -Group transportation to and from the hotel to beach locations
  • -Plenty of water while shooting
  • -Lighting equipment and modifiers: scrims, reflectors, strobes
  • -Location permits where necessary
  • -Lodging option (to share and save costs)
  • -Fun, Night activities


3-Day Workshop = $600

(Early Registration bonus is $100 off if you pay $250 deposit by February 15, full amount by February 29)

If interested in group lodging (share a room), we are offering the two night stay for $250 per attendee.

We will be shooting at three different beautiful locations including the famous Ghost Town, the empty Lake Beds and also on the strip of Las Vegas. A car rental shouldn’t be necessary since you can easily Uber or take a cab from the airport to the hotel. We’ll provide group transportation when moving from the hotel to the beach and vice-versa.

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Sultan Ghahtani and Mia Gray, founders of SMG Chicago started their partnership August of 2015 when they launched their first workshop together that consisted of 70 attendees. They share the same passion of helping models, photographers, HMUA and designers in the fashion/entertainment industry to build their portfolio, upgrade their craft and network at the same time. Since their first event, they have successfully executed 5 workshops in total. SMG Chicago Workshop - the complete balance of learning and enjoying each other’s company while developing the talent of the artist. Sultan Ghahtani, a multi published photographer focuses on educating the photographers about the Lighting equipments that are used to create his images. He has connections with the well known Camera and Lighting equipments such as Phase One, Broncolor, Profoto, Chimera Lighting and Priolite and he presents demos on how to use them. Mia Gray, a published model/model coach who manages the models side of the workshop. She organizes the model sign ups, as well as the HMUA and the designers. She is also a make up artist who creates several looks for their models. Together, the powerful duo provide what this industry needs which is professionalism and the passion to help one another elevate. The teamwork and their sincerity to support others is the reason of everyone’s admiration towards the foundation. For anyone interested in joining or witnessing one of their events, the opportunities are endless. What people are Saying: “The whole experience is beyond what I imagined” “I learned so much, and go to play with the coolest toys” “My portfolio just got the boost I always wanted” “Finally, something so unique” “This team produces magic”