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Select Models will be hosting the 10th ‘Cruiseboat Photoshoot’ onboard the Carnival Miracle cruiseship. This will be a 6 day ‘Halloween’ cruise with 5 photoshoots scheduled, 2 groupshoots onboard the ship, 2 groupshoots on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, with ‘one on one shoot day’ onboard the ship during the ‘Friday Payday’ shoot for models.  All model and photographer attendees will be provided a ‘shoot itenerary’ before sailing. Room arrangements can be easily changed at the guest services office onboard the ship. Over 200 photographers and models have attended these ‘Cruiseboat Photoshoots’ in the last 9 years. Many models photos will be posted on this thread over the next few months.  For the record, I make ZERO income while organizing and promoting this event… in fact… I’m investing almost $2000 to attend.  Here’s a link to Facebook Events post with several already confirmed:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1695610 … 147341500/

ATTENTION PHOTOGRAPHERS: To book your reservation, call NAS at 800-819-3902 Ext 82898. Tell him to book your cruise on Oct 30th from Long Beach with 2 (or 3) rooms guests. He will need full legal names and date of birth for everyone in your room. If you book 2 models as guests, your second model is 1/2 price. ALL cruiseship guests MUST HAVE a birth certificate and photo ID drivers licence to get onboard the ship.  A passport can also be used, but not required. If you have questions concerning this event, please personal message me (Gary). You may text or call my cell phone at 909-919-3925. Hope to seeya on Oct 30th.  Here’s a link to over 70 great photos taken during the last 9 years of cruiseboat photoshoots: http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/26 … l#/A338961

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